Tagging Screen Captures

    Tag screen capture sessions in Inspectlet

    Tags make sorting through numerous screen captures easier. You can use tags to mark sessions where users exhibited interesting behavior, made it to the checkout page, encountered an error, etc.
    As an example, the following Javascript code tags a session as "important":

    __insp.push(['tagSession', "important"]);
    A tag must be a string or integer and can be a maximum length of 100 characters. A tag can be applied at any time and only needs to be set once to tag the entire session. A session can have infinite tags.

    Example: Marking sessions where a sale is made

    If you're interested in watching all screen captures where a visitor purchased something or made it to the shopping cart page, you can tag those screen captures with a marker like "purchase" like this:

    __insp.push(['tagSession', "purchase"]);
    This javascript snippet should be called when a visitor visits a specific page, or makes a successful purchase.

    Example: Marking sessions where a user adds an item to the shopping cart but didn't end up purchasing

    In this example scenario, you're interested in visitors that added items to their shopping cart, but didn't finalize the purchase. Inspectlet lets you watch screen capture of these visitors to understand what caused the visitor to abandon the funnel.

    When a user adds an item to the shopping cart, you can tag the screen capture as "added item to shopping cart":

    __insp.push(['tagSession', "added item to shopping cart"]);

    When a user checks out the items in their shopping cart, tag the screen capture as "made purchase":
    __insp.push(['tagSession', "made purchase"]);

    That's it! Now you can use the "Tagged as" tool in your site's dashboard and find abandoned purchases by using the following conditions:

    1. tagged with: "added item to shopping cart"
    2. AND not tagged with: "made purchase"

    Using the "tagged with" and "not tagged with" side by side like shown above allows you to find sessions that met a specific condition but didn't meet another condition.

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