Inspectlet - Whitelabel Version

What is the whitelabel program?

The whitelabel version of Inspectlet will allow you to brand Inspectlet as your own product and resell it to your customers at any price you want. Inspectlet remains hosted 100% on our servers and is the exact same product, but will have your logo instead of Inspectlet's and your own CSS file to override any other visual aspects of the site you want to rebrand. Your clients access the service by going to a subdomain of your own website (

How do I set it up?

The setup takes about a minute on your end. You simply create a new CNAME DNS record for whatever you want the subdomain on your site to be and point it to "". Inspectlet recognizes that it's operating in whitelabel mode and acts accordingly.

Can I see an example?

Sure! You can see a demo of the customer experience (what your clients will see) at (you must be logged out of Inspectlet). You can login with the following credentials:
Password: testpass12

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