"We were able to precisely find our pain points and remove them resulting in a 48% increase in conversions."
Sandeep Aggarwal
Founder, ShopClues
Mandatory newsletter was driving away 25% of traffic.
One of the first things ShopClues observed using Inspectlet was that the newsletter signup popup on their homepage was causing nearly a quarter of their visitors to leave. The popup asked visitors to provide their emails for a rewards program.
ShopClues newsletter popup, no visible way of closing

Simple modification dramatically lowering bounce rates

Since there was no visible X or close button, users were bouncing immediately. Although it was possible for users to simply click anywhere else on the page to close the popup, a significant portion of their visitor's didn't realize this. To correct this, ShopClues added a high contrasting X in the corner to allow users to exit the popup and continue to the site. This simple change provided an incredible amount of uptake in conversions, since it was hindering the entrance to the site. More users flowed to the rest of the site and bounce rates saw an immediate decline.
Using heatmaps to dictate the product page layout.
On the product page, the right column showcases information like shipping options, buyer's insurance, reviews, and similar products. After seeing what the eye-tracking heatmaps showed to be the most important information, Shopclues restructured their page to reflect visitor priorities armed with empirical data. Optimizely, an excellent A/B testing solution, was used to validate the hypothesis.
The sidebar in the product page optimized using eye-tracking heatmaps
Adding commonly searched queries to the top bar.
ShopClues' recorded user sessions showed that the site's phone number was the most commonly searched item. Their contact information was listed at the bottom of the page, but the scroll heatmaps tool showed that many visitors weren't scrolling that far. Combined with the fact that their search is a catalogue of items and not company information, those visitors couldn't easily find what they were looking for.
Contact information is now placed in a highly visible area

ShopClues changed their header to show contact and partnership information where it could be easily seen.
Integration Experience - Time to get up and running
Shopclues was up and running with Inspectlet in less than 20 minutes. They copy pasted our JS code into the their footer, and then marked certain fields (like credit card and address fields) as sensitive to prevent Inspectlet from recording them. After deployment, ShopClues added team members to the project to give them access to the recorded user sessions.
Tools Used for this case study
User Session Recording via Inspectlet
Eye-tracking Heatmaps and Scroll-reach Heatmaps via Inspectlet
Multivariate A/B Testing via Optimizely
Bounce rate tracking via Google Analytics
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