Test your designs to see which version truly performs best.
A/B Testing
Variation Name Conversions Visitors Conversion Rate Δ Statistical Significance
Original 84 928 9%
Variation 1 112 926 12% 32% 98%
Variation 2 74 918 8% 7% 98%
Test variations of your site against each other and make data-driven decisions.

A/B testing lets you compare the performance of two versions of a page by showing half your visitors one version of your site, and the other half the second. By comparing which version got more signups, sales, or any other metric, we can determine which version truly performs best.

Now you can verify any hypothesis with statistically significant data from an experiment done with your real traffic, rather than making uninformed decisions based on a hunch. Test everything that's important and remove the guesswork and dice rolling!

A B vs.
Easily create different page versions using our visual editor.
Creating different versions of your page is a breeze with our visual editor that allows you to quickly change the text, HTML, CSS styling, etc of any elements on your page. You can also design your page changes as custom javascript to be executed at runtime, or simply as CSS classes to be added to elements on the page.
Track the performance of each version with goal metrics.
Goals are metrics that define how successful an experiment is. You can define a goal to measure anything, including tracking URL views, tracking clicks on an element on your page, user engagement, or any custom event triggered from javascript.
Track URL Views
Track total or unique views of a URL pattern.
Track Clicks
Track clicks on any element on your website.
Track Custom Event
Track any custom event triggered via javascript.
Track Engagement
Track how many unique visitors engage with the variation.
Get started experimenting today with A/B testing. Add a few lines of javascript to your site and you're ready to start experimenting.
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