Find out where people are really looking.
See what your visitors are paying attention to and what parts of your site they're reading by visualizing their mouse movements with heatmaps.
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Eye-tracking Heatmaps

See where your visitors are looking and what parts of the site they're reading by visualizing their mouse movements. Research shows that mouse and eye movement are highly correlated.

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Click Heatmaps

Find out what your visitors are clicking on, whether it's a button, link, an image, or text they expected to be a link. Immediately see what's working and what isn't. Figure out which "buy now" button visitors are clicking more.

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Scroll Heatmaps

Scroll heatmaps show you how far visitors are scrolling down on your site's pages. Find out how many people actually make it to the middle or bottom of the page. Learn where on your page to place your most important content, like the purchase button or a special discount banner.

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Setup is a breeze, just drop a few lines of javascript into your site and you'll start seeing data in your dashboard instantly.
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